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Song names in the sound block and jukebox menus should correspond with their names on the OST

Endar949 shared this feedback 13 months ago
Not Enough Votes

I think everyone can agree that the addition of the SE soundtrack (or at least the music that plays in the background) to the sound block and jukebox was a great idea.

However, currently they have very generic names such as 'Planet Music 2'. The other absolute bangers from the music competition all have their own names in the terminal.

I've been listening to the fantastic Space Engineers OST lately from the YouTube playlist and already have some favourites, such as "Approaching the Stars" Unfortunately, it's difficult to find these songs in the sound block and juke box menus since they have such generic names in-game.

I suggest simply re-naming these songs to correspond to their titles on the OST so fans can easily identify them.

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