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Please patch the game more often

Kieran Martin shared this feedback 16 months ago
Not Enough Votes

I really don't need to say this but SE is one of the few games that push out patches compared to many other games I own, not just that but the bug reporting system is pretty badly set up, as all recent issues are at the very back of the list in the bug reports so anyone with similar issues are unlikely to even see it if it was reported, more people may be inclided to help solve the issue on bug reports if its sorted by recent reports rather then most voted, you can make a simple option or button to toggle it to most voted but its just really bad idea to though all relivent bugs at the back of the site where you have to go though every entry just to check.

With that being said more bug fixes between updates would be nice simply letting the game have issues far between major updates is not good practice for development you want to push out fixes as much as possible sites like GitHub can offer branches for your software that can help keep progress on future versions and one for current versions of the game so its not like its not possible to make sure players have the best experience possible.

I am sure if you fix these two issues you will have a more stable game.

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