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Add Option to Set Inventory Limit by Mass or Volume

Wolfgang Hauster shared this feedback 4 months ago
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Containers can always be filled to their maximum limit. But this is not always desired, especially for vehicles with programmed cargo logic, as excess cargo and resources can encumber a vehicle beyond acceptable limitations, or a fully-loaded ammo box might be too dangerous for a given vehicle when destroyed.

For example: A reactor may need only a small number of uranium ingots. A O2/H2 generator may only need half the ice for a given use case. A connector, sorter, or ejector may not need any storage space. A hydrogen or oxygen tank might limit a user to only place one canister at a time. A general trunk might have a limit to ensure that a user never overloads the vehicle. Or an ammo box might only need 1/4th it's total capacity to either manage its mission, or to not be crippling when destroyed.

I propose a slider bar to be added to all blocks that hold inventory, whether or not they are connected to a conveyor. This slider allows a designer to set mass or volume limits to such blocks, up to a maximum of the block's maximum storage.

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