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About feedback submitions

EDGE shared this feedback 16 months ago
Not Enough Votes

After reading through the feedback submission guide I realized that there is a big problem with regard to the way the feedback system has been set up.

People playing Space Engineers play this game in many different ways. Some people play the game in vanilla mode wile others in creative. You also have a lot of people that that play it in a way where a lot of their issues have been fixed by mods.

Personally I'm not a fan of installing a multitude om mods that may or may not bug out my saves, or that I have to constantly keep track of and update every time there is a patch. I'm also in need of support when ever something goes wrong so I don't want to use experimental mode ether.

One big problem with this is that people that play this game in vanilla mode have different problems that end up not getting voted up. Because everybody that are using mods may or may not have the sense of the same urgency when it come to the same problems. Some people can't even remember what the core game is like anymore because of all the mods they installed. Because of this, it's my opinion that the feedback section should aim to separate the problems people are experiencing as urgent, dependent on if they are playing the game in it's original state or if they are experiencing it after fixing most their issues with mods.

All I'm asking, is give it a though.

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