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Please VOTE! Allow the projections of rotors without a head, spawn with no head already attached.

EDGE shared this feedback 8 months ago
Not Enough Votes

This goes for Hinges and Pistons as well.

When trying to create an assembly line these part prevent the connection to the heads that are attached on the next grid. They are also not supposed to be there as they are part of a separate grid and therefor impossible to attach to anything else through a projection.

Also make the collision box of those two parts small enough so that they can be replaced if ever destroyed in a fight. The way it is now, the collision box of the main part of a rotor or piston extend far beyond the head, making it impossible to create anything in that space that's not a part of the same grid. As the heads are not considered to be a part of the same grid you cant create it on the separate grid that the heads need to be attached to.

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