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Proposed Projector Enhancements

Tim S shared this feedback 20 months ago
Not Enough Votes

I would like to suggest some enhancements to projectors as they are now. Currently you have the option of "Show only buildable", which is great -- but the moment that you lay down that initial plate, the rest of the blocks around it show as buildable. Please give the option of defining when the adjacent buildable blocks phase in. This would make it so much easier to see, and help alleviate missed blocks.

Another idea - in addition to the "Show only buildable" option, please add a one-layer-at-a-time option. This will let you do the bottom layer first, for example, then work your way up. When building something manually, this would be an awesome addition.

A third idea: Please export the "show only buildable" (and if implemented, the 2nd idea above) settings in a button panel, so we can easily toggle those settings on and off without going into the control panel settings.

Thanks for your time.

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