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Rationalize and combine block variant groups

Ryan Rands shared this feedback 5 months ago
Not Enough Votes

You keep adding more free and premium and we love it! It keeps the game fresh. However, we now have more "base" blocks than slots on the toolbar (not even counting the emotes)!

Please take a look at the block variant groups and combine the ones that make sense. For instance, thrusters are separated from the DLC counterparts, most of which are only 2 blocks in a group. This doesn't make sense, since other DLC blocks are included in a variant group (like the new battery). Other examples are wheels and conveyors/pipes, which could be combined to make it so that all blocks will fit on available toolbars.

Additionally a few new groups could be created to consolidate outliers. For instance, the O2/H2 Generator, Oxygen Farm and Air Vent are similar and could be grouped.

Thank you.

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