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S.E. Toolbox Feature Integration as QOL improvements

HelloGoodbye shared this feedback 5 months ago
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As a community member who has been watching SE from the start, SE toolbox has been with me for almost that entire journey. Whether its repairing ships before blueprinting or repairing saves before theyre lost to time, SE Toolbox has a wealth of functionality that i cant split from. In such a creative and detailed game, I cant live without the ability to efficiently get into the nitty gritty of my creative mode builds so that theyre perfect for the projector when started in survival. Converting Light to Heavy armor or vis versa is another feature that results from builds inexplicably entering or exiting the military.

When Admin of a save file, it is priceless having all of the data about every object in a save file with their speeds, mass, GPS, ownership and more in a nice, easy to read format. On top of that, Grid optimization and save file repair buttons are invaluable.

I would love to be able to have this level of data and control in-game to help everyone and help those who dont know of this jem of a program.

I would type out a features wishlist, but im short on time and wish i had them all :)

Current link that im aware of:

S.O. to midspace for creating and mmusu3 for maintaining

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