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Why Kg???

error 404 shared this feedback 12 months ago
Not Enough Votes

I have sugested usage of decimal seperators before, and usage of tons to display ship weight.

And i fail to understand why you still prefer to use Kg to display ship mass. Since there is hardly a ship that is under 1 ton, the number displayed would be shorter for example 1T vs 1000kg. It would be a lot more practical to use tons.

Also, with realy heavy ships the number in kg would be longer and less readable, so i would like to, again, propose you use some kind of decimal seperators. Even velocity uses a seperator, and the number only goes to 110 m/s ,

Its nothingh revolutinary, we all learned it in school and we use it in life, infact the only place where i have not seen it used is by Keen in SE

I see it again beeing used in the new combat guide. See atached pic. And the other one for a proposed correction on this abomination.

Examples of usage: marek used it in his last blog, lets see if you can find it.

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Weight of Bagger 288:

13,500 t (29,800,000 lb)
Displacement of a random aircraft carrier in wikipedia :

104,300 long tons (116,800 short tons)

Than again i suppose we can just be happy you didnt decide to use grams.
Also i would like to hear feedback to this, you have my email and Discord, if any mods like Kienata actualy read this i would like an explanation as to why tons or decimal seperators are not used.
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