1.196: protection of blueprints from members of the same faction (and maybe server admins)

ChrisHiss shared this feedback 2 years ago


Blocking the copy of your ship from the enemy faction or between allied factions is an essential feature of SE

However it is currently possible for anyone of the same faction to copy each other's ships, wether the ship is in "share with all", "share with my faction" or "no share"

They are some cases where you don't want people to blueprint your ship, even if they are from your faction, for the simple reason that you don't want some enemy spies/trolls to copy, reverse-engineer your ships and use them against you, and i believe this lack of security kills all the fun and strategy you could find on developing more advanced technologies on your enemies

From my personal experience: It happened once that we were infiltrated during an mp test by an enemy faction, and it would have been catastrophic for some members if they had built their best ships that the enemies could copy

Another time, I had my ship copied from a server admin of a youtuber's server and he used in in a battle again my team mates, which was very infuriating and it got demotivating to play mp

So, what I suggest is:

-Setting an option on your blueprint in the "info" tab to enable or disable copy of the blueprint from at least faction mates (additional options could be for allies/neutral/enemies..)


-making it a server option


-Making possible to blueprint a ship if the whole ship is in "share with my faction"

These are suggestions, feel free to add yours in the comments down below

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