[1.193] Allow freight containers to be useful?

LoneGunman shared this feedback 2 years ago

The first time I placed the new decorative freight items, I noticed you could highlight and access them. At first I hoped they would be actual cargo containers you could store items in (just not connected to the conveyor system by default though that would've been nice).

Then I realized they let you access the cargo/conveyor system for the grid they're attached to. Nice! Well, not quite. You can just see the list of inventories. (Why?)

They also just default to the top most item.

Could we either:

a) get a small but usable inventory for these items so we can store stuff in them? I'd love to make them into little toolboxes or something (or add them to quarters as extra storage).

b) let them be tied to the local grid's inventory such that we can access inventories without having to build actual inventory items like cargo containers?

Adding a huge 1x1 small cargo container to quarters when all the furniture and items are much smaller and having lockers and such from previous packs/updates not tied to the conveyor system makes them really limited use. I don't mind having the option to not tie lockers to the conveyor system (makes for better private storage for players) but having a way to populate lockers (like setting up weapons lockers on different decks with access to weapons/ammo) would be useful.

Just a suggestion.

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