Ship turns invisible after touching titan surface

Seth Finch shared this bug 5 months ago

I flew a cruiser down to titans surface in a keen official server. Once it touched the ground, when i tried to return to space, it glitched. the ship wouldn't move. then i left my control seat and the ship turned invisible and i was transported 300 m in the air. It was like i was still in my ship but i couldn't see it. I ended up dying, and I respawned at my main base. I flew back down there and my ship reappeared and it drifted about 3 km away. I got inside but I could fly right through the ship. I was able to interact with terminals but I couldn't sit in the control seat. I cut off the engines, marked the coords, and flew back to space. Later that night, after a server restart, a faction member found it and flew it to a safe zone, and there was no glitch. The same thing had happened to that faction member a couple days prior. His ship touched the ground and then titan ate it. He lost his ship and had to rebuild the whole thing.

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