road plz road

jean-francois shared this feedback 3 years ago

now we got planet its time to be civil engineers we should be able to make road easier and flat the ground for rover and get other set of tire for different use

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I have wanted this since. i really enjoy playing singleplayer and being strictly road / airplane focused.


We need tools to change voxels in gameplay to begin with.

There had been MOD that allow to do that and worked flawlessly in survival... BUT Keen added planets and mod left working only for asteroids because of how stupid planets are designed.

I think i can not be done without remaking planets.... because curently any atempt to change voxel results in invisible holes.

For now u can use this

But like i said planets need to be remade to make it work.


Need a tool on the rover which will align the voxels.

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