Reduce Voxel Streaming range to prevent Game Crash

Chris Herrera (SVL KrizZ) shared this bug 17 months ago

This post is about EOS Servers. The moon is an area with a lot of render issues to Xbox users that results in guarantee game crashes.

Streaming all the moon voxel takes almost 10 min and sometimes more, that if we are lucky enough the game doesn't crash and we have to stream that all over.

Furthermore, there is an area of the moon (DVTR area) where we are caught in the Earth's Streaming range and when we get to that area the game crashes for sure.

Proposed solutions:

- Reduce Earth's Streaming range from 180km to 120km from the center, this will solve the moon crash zone.

- Reduce the radius a grid prevents voxel to regenerate from 3km to 1km, this will clear a lot of voxel in the moon.

- Set the autocleaner to delete unpowered static grids. There are tons of abandoned grids with just a few armor blocks and no power and for some reason they prevent voxel regeneration.

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I don't have the actual range numbers so it's all assumptions.


If the same thing happens to me and many players on the servers the same thing happens to them, it is very difficult to play on the moon because of the voxel load

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