Ore detector is Joke / impossible to find Uranium on asteroid

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The range of ore detectors is a joke, rebalance, we need a wider range.

Try to find uranium on the asteroid between the moon and Earth and around the moon on the official Keen CZ # 2 server.

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE !!! 7 days looking for nothing !!!

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Could be an idea to have a 3rd type of ore detector, for a static grid (base), either with its own range or uses the antennas range, ex. Antenna is set to 10km in same grid that have the new detector and that can now detect ore in 10km radius, but the drawback is everyone inside the 10km sees your location. Problem would be the amount of ore pings on screen, solution could be the new ore detector gets a filter, so it Will only show ex. Silver inside its radius. New ore detector only works on static grids with an Antenna.

Else, just make the standard large grid ore detector go up to 2.5km or something


Very good idea Jonas. The current situation regarding Uranium and Platinum is just stupid. No fun at all.


was it nerfed in an update? because I thought the range was larger when I first started playing.

I once played a survival game (space start) and spent 9 hours flying between astroids looking for uranium. I likely missed a lot of it just because it's so tedious to scan the interiors of asteroids with a limited range. I was mostly limited to ore closer to the surface. I gave up and started a fresh game where I spawned closer to uranium.

It's nice that it's hard to find, but I would also like a way to overcome that with sufficient tech... like the yield and efficacy modules for the refinery and assembler if there was an expensive range module for the ore detector that made it easier to find in the late game or something.

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