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Cyril Manturov shared this feedback 2 years ago


Currently after the players have built their base with some ships they have really nothing else to do in the game. To extend the gameplay I suggest the new Jump Gate mode with the following features:

1. Players on servers working in Jump Gate mode can build Jump Gates (only in space far from the planets) which must allow them to travel to other servers working in Jump Gate mode and meet other players.

2. The admin of the server should be able to independently reserve player slots for some predefined players (friends from Steam) and for players that may come from some other servers through Jump Gates.

3. The Jump Gate should be able to work in one of the two modes at any given time:

A. Random mode. In this mode the Gate sends the players to some random server working in Jump Gate mode which has enough free player slots for visitors from Jump Gates. The bigger the ship that tries to pass through the Gate in this mode the larger amount of energy the Gate should require. The target server may be chosen considering e. g. the location (the ping) and the language of the home server (preferences could be adjustable).

B. Targeted mode. In this mode the Gate sends the players to the specific server on which the players have built another Jump Gate which leads to their home server. If the Gate is offline or is destroyed on the one side the Gate on the other side must switch to Random mode. To function in Targeted Mode the Gate must require a pretty high amount of power so that it would be reasonable to keep it offline.

4. When starting the game in Jump Gate mode the players must be allowed to spawn only on planets' surfaces for the first time.

5. (Optional) The admin of the server must not be able to kick out the players who came from Jump Gates. I think this way it'll be more fun.

The main point of this suggestion is to create a long-term goal for the players: to be able to interact with other players they will have to build a ground base, get to space, accumulate enough resources and energy and finally build a Jump Gate and some large ship to explore what happens on other servers.

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This would add some end game and replayability to SE for sure! The networking would be interesting, passing blueprints and players from one server to the next.

I would think one jump gate per map/server would be sufficient, or were you thinking multiple?

If multiple it may even be well served as a block. Could be extra large so that only massive ships can power/support such an operation.

To spin a off of this a bit: it would be a great offline/locally hosted option as well and possibly less effort by skipping networking. Rather than moving across server you could just move across saves. Could flow something like:

* admin creates an array (or selects from an existing set) of game maps that can be traveled to/from by jump.

* player enters one map (traditionally).

* player acquires/builds jump block.

* player engages jump block.

* game saves blueprint of warping ship (hash name for determinable read location later) and players' relative postions mapping. I would even be OK with requiring a cryopod per warp -- if so save player to cryopod mapping.

* game saves and exits game map.

* game loads next game map. "Next" could mean random or targeted game map from the admit set.

* game places blueprint in next map. A random location in space would be fun, it would add an interesting "unknown" to jumping

* load players

* explore an expansive universe

It would be performance optimal because only one game is running at a time. Even on an online version like OP suggested. Imagine the possibilities if you combine that with a random world generator (off topic)!? Maps and planets can get "swallowed by blackholes" or simply just expire and be replaced by new ones so resources stay available (rant).

Ok I'm done, this one gets a big upvote from me :)



"The admin of the server must not be able to kick out the players who came from Jump Gates. I think this way it'll be more fun.


That's how you let trolls operate freely. I don't think you fully thought through the consequences of such a monumentally stupid idea. No offense to you intended, but if it comes across that way, sorry.



I would think one jump gate per map/server would be sufficient, or were you thinking multiple?

It all depends on how much one such gate would slow down the server. I thought the players should at least be able to travel from their home server to some unknown server and back. For this they'd need to build their own gate on this unknown server. But what if this unknown server already has one gate? If the number of gates is limited by 1 then to be able to establish a passage back to their home server instead of building their own gate these players would need to find the already existing gate to use it to get back. Which is fun in its own way but is kind of an artificial limitation.

Zachary Paradis

That's how you let trolls operate freely.

Well first of all I doubt trolls would spend so much time building their base on the home server, flying to space, accumulating resources, building a large exploratory/battle ship and jump gate - all of this just to get to some other server to troll. And even if they do they simply should be considered as enemy players. Blow up their jump gate, destroy their ships and kill them - they will lose all their respawn locations, lose access to your server and won't bother you for some time. All of this is a game process and SE universe shouldn't be 100% friendly (it'll be boring otherwise). Also the number of players that can come through jump gate should be adjustable so that the server's "native" players could be put at an advantage in terms of numbers.

On the other hand if it's possible to somehow DoS the server from inside the game then it surely must be possible to ban specific players.


I would suggest that only servers that already have a jumpgate can be reached from another server. This way the players/admins can decide if and when they want to join the Multiverse. This way you also avoid new servers from getting raided by extremely advanced players.

This one jumpgate is also the location where the new players arrive on the server so the jumpgate will probably be a battlezone on a lot of servers. A safe zone around the jumpgate probably wouldn't be a bad idea.


Only for server with out mods and identical settings.