[Feature Request] Hangar to store Vessels

Inoculator shared this feedback 47 days ago

Dear all,

on DE5 we have had a discussion about the possibility to save Server load by removing vessels, not in use.

The idea was created to built a Block "Hangar" with a docking port and to have a control to turn the docked vessel into a "blob"-information, remove it from the world and store the blob in the hangar.

If the player wants to use his vessel again, he returns to the hangar and selects the stored vessel/blob and loads it back to the world. It is automaticaly recreated on the docking port it previously was uploaded to the hangar storage.

While stored in the hangar, the PCU is removed and the player can operate on with the original amount of PCU. If the vessel is retrieved from the hangar, the PCU is again substracted from the players account.

The "Hangar" Block can be created in different tec tree different sizes:

"Small Surface hangar" for small grids on planets

"Medium Hangar" for Spacedocks with a limit of Vessels/PCU regardless of grid type

"Large Hangar" for Space and Ground docks without any limitation