[Feature Request] Hangar to store Vessels

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Dear all,

on DE5 we have had a discussion about the possibility to save Server load by removing vessels, not in use.

The idea was created to built a Block "Hangar" with a docking port and to have a control to turn the docked vessel into a "blob"-information, remove it from the world and store the blob in the hangar.

If the player wants to use his vessel again, he returns to the hangar and selects the stored vessel/blob and loads it back to the world. It is automaticaly recreated on the docking port it previously was uploaded to the hangar storage.

While stored in the hangar, the PCU is removed and the player can operate on with the original amount of PCU. If the vessel is retrieved from the hangar, the PCU is again substracted from the players account.

The "Hangar" Block can be created in different tec tree different sizes:

"Small Surface hangar" for small grids on planets

"Medium Hangar" for Spacedocks with a limit of Vessels/PCU regardless of grid type

"Large Hangar" for Space and Ground docks without any limitation

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That would be incredible !

The players on multiplayer server could store there ships to gain PCU. I imagine a system like in Star Citizen, you could find some of these hangars in the NPC stations and retrieve them at any time from a panel where you could visualise all your stored ships.

I don’t this that players should be able to build these hangar but rather they would found them on NPC stations and outposts. That would give more interest to these NPC stations.

Moreover, when you buy a ship in an NPC faction that sell ships, the vessel spawn sometime outside of the forcefield and some annoying player can destroy them.

Players faction could even "sell" ships to players, as the ships could be given/shared to other player while they are in the hangar


I wish I could upvote this twice. even on small 1-5 player servers, unused ships can really add up.


Love this idea.

Don't care for categorizing it for large, small block or surface part of the suggestion. Just to store more pcu without impacting server performance.

Could also be called something like a warp gate beacon. Implementing that the ships you place in it are sent to a distant place, and summoned back when spawning.

I assume implementing this to the game wouldn't be too hard since npc store blocks can already spawn in some preset ships.

Anyways storing ships despawned would really give the game a bigger scale and better performance.


There is a private server that uses this mechanic. You get a virtual hangar with slots for up to 5 grids. I equate it to a bag of holding, or a quantum hangar :). All you do is point your crosshairs at your grid and type a slash command into chat and it cuts the ship out of the world and save the grid and inventory into the quantum hangar.

I'll see if I can find the server so I can send it here.

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