Dedicated Servers XB

Journey M. Fauble shared this feedback 2 years ago

As Xbox players we do understand the limitations of PCU but for a survival game like this not to have any official or dedicated servers will really hurt the player base as well as limit the replayability.

A minimum of 20 players Max would be enough for a roleplay server or faction server with heavy building limitations.

I imagine with a 200k PCU and a Max of 20 players Xbox players would be more than satisfied.

I'm hoping with the Next Generation Xbox console this becomes a real possibility.

Please provide us with at least a 12 player max for locally hosted games!

This would at least allow role players or faction based events to exist.

-Brohammer Inc

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Why doesn't this have more votes!!!!


Not enough people take the time to give their feedback on multiplayer unfortunately.

Although I constantly hear people talking about it on the Discord.

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