Allow in-game programming to communicate externally

Nick Saylor shared this feedback 12 months ago

So I have no idea regarding the logistics of this, but I thought it could be neat. Would it be possible to allow for API calls to be made to external resources? I mean outside of the game entirely. And maybe at some point, vice versa. While it serves absolutely no purpose for my day to day life, I think it would be fun to tie some of my smart-home devices to events in game. For instance, being able to make the hue bulbs go into a red-alert state, or have Alexa alert me if a base needs tending. Again, relatively little point in the real-world, but it could be fun to tinker with.

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Honestly, the biggest potential here would be offloading a remote to a scripted/programmable fullfledged AI outside of game. That being said, you're looking at some crazy stuff being built. Though the effect could potentially be amazing. It would also expand on what we can do. Maybe add an optional ( server settings ), advanced remote block that has a "HAL" eye on the remote, so other players would notice and realize it might be time to turn around.