After using a jump drive over 5000km, bug prevent me from leaving ship

Seth Finch shared this bug 6 months ago

I used a carrier to jump with three other ships attached by connectors to a new base location over titan in the keen official servers. When I did that, and I left the control seat of the carrier, I was transported about 120 meters away and was stuck in an invisible “box” in space. If I turned off my jet pack, I was moving at 1.3 ms. If I turned on my dampeners, there was no effect. My carrier wouldn’t move with remote control, and when I respawned to the medical room, I was thrown out the moment I turned on my jet pack. I had to use a remote control to jump my carrier 5 km away and then jump my cruiser (which was originally attached by connector) 2000 km away. This fixed the carrier problem as a friend was able to confirm. However, this did not fix the problem with my cruiser. I restarted the game several times and nothing worked. I eventually deleted the entire cruiser, which was over 10k pcu. My carrier works, but I lost my cruiser. I need this fixed for future jumps.

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