Export 3D model bug/exploit

T shared this bug 10 months ago

Hi keen, bug or not bug, you decide.

Export 3D model in multiplayer servers should be banned or at least limited to only grids you have PCU ownership or from your own faction.

This function was used as an exploit of years to:

1. Steal blueprints without permission, absolutely destroys the builder spirit in the community. (Simply aim at the grid press Ctrl +Alt+E to export 3D model and paste it back in a creative world using SE Toolbox)

2. Steal the last jump GPS via export 3D model when the player ship is jumping.

Admins can’t prove it and no action can be done for years. How is this feature benefiting the community when it can be used like this?

A few lines of code can solve this problem. “Check if grid belongs to the owner, if not export 3D model denied with a warning message to the user.

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"should be banned or at least limited to only grids you have PCU ownership or from your own faction."

Should be removed or at least limited to grids that you own. (not those you have PCU/blocks) not even from your own faction.

  1. even if players are from your faction, you should not be able to do it.

  2. they just need to remove it from multiplayer maps (and replace this tool on admin menu) as simple as that.

  3. For someone that reads this and dont know what we talking about the shortcut It’s "Ctrl+alt+e".

I would like this removed from multiplayer maps aswell. And only be able to use this in worlds that "i own".



please make it go... i like to say, for the people that want to keep there ship, there ship. ITs fair when we have the steam work shop to share them in my eye, if we want to .... dumb things like this in the game should be sorted 1st, in my eyes,

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