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new engineer suits?

jacob pidgeon shared this feedback 6 months ago
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maybe adding some diffrent suits into the game that makes small changes to the the way people play would benefit the game, with both more content to make and a overall new ways to larp


- a combat suit that has more armour plates for reduced health damage

- a maintenance suit that is bulky but offers more carry capacity and a slower drain to power

- a deep space suit with x2 capacity for O2, power and hydrogen

- a builders suit for more power and maybe a tool efficiency increase?

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When you're a young professional and possibly even an older one, it can be hard to get by with your old engineer clothes. So you can check and learn new professional hookahs. New engineer suits are something that everyone should have, especially those in their early twenties or so. Even though there's a lot of competition out there, we aim to help you find the best new engineer suits that will suit your needs.

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