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Neon letters and 1/4 block

Nick Strong shared this feedback 22 months ago
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It would be nice if we could have letters like we have currently, but as neon lights. Would look great for making neon signs or for more visibility in low light conditions on ships or rovers.

1/4 blocks would be a addition to sloped blocks, either before or after the half sloped block. These could be used to maintain a square if using half blocks, or in my use case a way to partially fill a 1x1 half block hole, but leave space to access something, but be flush with other half blocks.

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I think the problem with 1/4 blocks is that small grid blocks are 1/5. So why create yet another level of blocks when you already have one close to the same level. I do agree that small grid and large grid should be combined into one system. It would make detail work and customizing small conveyor systems very helpful in compact large builds. The only problem is that small grid blocks cost the same PCU as large grid

So a small grid 5*5*5 block of armor takes up the same space as one large grid armor block,but costs 125 more PCU.


To be honest id like to see half blocks of most of the full blocks, there are exceptions as they just wouldn't work. But as iv been using half blocks as they flush with 3x3 wheels, which makes wheel/fender wells look better imo. But when making a vehicle have flush sides using half blocks you end up with funky shapes or gaps. My current build looks bad because there isn't a 1/4 block to fill a gap and the 1/4 corners don't look good.

The pcu thing i have no comment on. Im guessing its a game limitation. Or because the sg block is filled hence more pcu. But im not a developer so have no idea.

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