Update Suggestion

Alexander Shrake shared this feedback 17 days ago

I realize that I’ve never been in a situation we’re oxygen has been absent but the temperature has been hot or inferno, this gave me a great idea to suggest you this. We could use a proper mining update, where being deep in the terrain could have some benefits. As you go deeper into the planet the temperature rises as expected, perhaps we could utilize this temperature system for geothermal generators, while it’s essentially a infinite stable energy source, it must stay near heat, making it very unsuitable for ships, but could prove to be useful for creating energy for bases that make their home deep underground and in deserts. However bases often don’t reside that feel due to the lack of ores so far underground, but maybe that can be changed. This also could useful for a hot Venus-like planet or a Volcanic planet (maybe called Vulcan?) this could give players a difficult and hostile environment to take advantage of, for those who dare. It also would be aesthetically pleasing to have a large classic styled 3x3 drill. Along with maybe scorched plates to go with the planet, with the right items this would make a exciting update to make mining much more exciting.