Some more communication of new updates and features.

Simon Adeney shared this feedback 4 years ago


Lots of other users have mentioned this in the past on steam and here, but I feel like many get quite unnecessarily angry when discussing the subject.

Over on steam, the super short update teasers are starting to annoy some people, leading them to start making long discouraging posts about how "bad the devs are" and probably discouraging other users from getting or playing the game.

Personally, I think that recent updates of SE are fine, and that the dlc is reasonable as long as it's to fund the base game, but I think the community could really improve it's mindset on these things if posts on the steam page were made longer and more informative.

We are currently getting around a dozen words and a picture for each post, which isn't really informative enough to know what's going on in the development of SE, which in turn makes people loose faith in what the future if the game would be.

So in short, I think some better communication, even if it's just a paragraph or two every Thursday on steam, would really help the community restore it's faith in the future of SE.

Hope you take this into consideration, and if so, thank you!

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