Quality of life/Inovative suggestions

Miguel Viola shared this feedback 4 years ago

Here's a few suggestions I think might make the space engineer's life easier/help keep the interest of the playerbase:

*Having a chat box in the player-player trade UI, so that traders can agree on prices

*Making the O2 farms produce oxygen even if the player decides to enclose them with windows

*Having natural occuring Easter eggs on planets such as ship crashes, abandoned outposts/military bases/factories/mines & quarries with voxel destruction, caves, radio towers, antenna dishes, solar farms & wind farms, etc. You could make location variations dependant on planet seed and make constraints for example the abandoned mine on the side of mountains and the rest on flat ground.

*Making a scout contract to inspire exploration giving you a rough location and rewarding you with money if you find one of the Easter eggs discussed above or one of the already in-game random encounters

*Adding a non-functional "world destroyer" laser platform with some lore to the random encounters

*Having the ability to request materials from NPC cargo vessels either from the faction menu, from the contract/shop block or from the inventory/faction menu

*Adding the ability to sell either an already built grid or a (single-use) blueprint patent in the shop

*Adding a contract to colonize a celestial body by building a number of blueprints selected by the own NPC faction in a certain location (probably by "spawning" a single-use blueprint to the blueprint menu)

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