Please release a Playstation 4or 5 version

Valtteri Sorjanen shared this feedback 13 days ago

I got to play your game at my friend's apartment and I absolutely fell in love with it and was absolutely heartbroken when I discovered that the game wasn't available for PS4 at the time and still isn't available even for the much more powerful PS5.

I know there must be some issues with moving from a Direct X based engine to whatever systems Sony Playstation uses but I hope you can see the advantages of maybe releasing a "next gen upgraded edition" of the game for both of the current next gen consoles and what an opportunity it could be for gaining new customers and maybe even getting some already existing ones to get the game to be able to play it relaxing on the sofa.

There must be a lot of potential customers stuck in a similar situation as I am:

My over a decade old gaming PC just isn't up to the job of running the game and our family's current situation doesn't let me buy a whole new gaming PC (and the almost required pherials as I doubt my 15 year old monitor would do justice to the visuals, no would the as ok flat screen TV I often use when gaming on said computer) as they're extremely expensive in my country and my current one simply cannot be upgraded all that much, not enough to run your game properly...

I bet there are a lot people like me who would love to get to play your game but for whatever reason cannot afford a PC with high enough specs to run the game properly, I could consider buying an xBox series X or something but even that would mean saving up for over an year just to buy a console to play just a few exclusives I'm interested in (I wouldn't switch to xBox fully just becauseit was the original Playstation that introduced me to gaming and ever since I've been doing the lion's share of my gaming on a Playstation console of some sort, except for maybe playing some PC only games from my childhood and youth on the PC but I do that less and less nowadays because it's just so much simpler and more comfortable to wake up my PS5 from its slumber and lay on the coach when I go on my adventures to all sorts of magical world's) which seems like a huge waste of resources I could use for all sorts of stuff to elevate my standards of living or spend on some minor luxuries of life...