many idea

jean-francois shared this feedback 4 years ago

i play SE a lot and i see some good thing for economy or pve here it is

easier way to make road via a flatter voxel tool and it consume gravel

tool durability this could be cool to get a various way to make tool and cistomize the spec like

- life duration , speed, energy consumption

each perk need more of a type of ressource

differnt type of isotope uranium,, cesium,plutonium etc

each type of isotope have a different kw/power and reactor can have only one type of fuel at a time

visual scripting in the programmable bloc

many people dont have patience or skill to make c# visual scripting can unlock a great potential to the game for everyone

missile launcher

this block can be very cool through different type of missile like smoke, poison gaz or emp.

i think for pvp this is very cool for enchance the pvp

more weapon

imagine instead of assault rifle you have the option of shotgun snipe dmr etc and in the assembler we can customize weapon(extend mag silencer red dot etc) and flare gun smoke grenade this is very nice for mission and pvp

thank for reading me i love this game so much and xbox version is good for the future i hope this idea will bring in the game i have more idea for you thank again

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