Graphics card crash error is back :(

Angry Rainbow shared this feedback 3 years ago

Simple Server details: Dedicated 55 Mods, survival, PVEVP. Also tried a dedicated server with 65 Mods.

Opened through Steam. No advanced load options. No Beta.

Multiple computers. One simple laptop, 2 overly insane gaming PCs. Same issue.

Things tried: deleting the CFG file. Validating files through steam. Changing display from full screen-Window, to full screen and back. Isolated graphics card on launch. Using only one monitor. Restarting every program, and item with power cord. And various other things guaranteed not to make a difference. ;)

Upon loading from both ‘continue game’ and ‘join game’ the game will freeze right at spawn screen and then everything goes white and the graphics card error is back.

Some solutions let us in sometimes. We all have been submitting the crash logs each time.

Send help. Haha.

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