Bug reporting should show a template

Gwindalmir shared this feedback 5 years ago

For bug reporting on this site, it would be nice to display/prefill a template for what keen wants from a bug report. This is especially useful to people that aren't used to reporting issues. However it also serves as a reminder to experienced testers.

Such as, attachments like log files, world, STR, that kind of thing.

Example, as taken from the late, great, rexbot:

Now describe your problem as thoroughly as you can.
We greatly prefer a format like this:

Reproduction rate: 100%

Expected behavior: 
Spotlight turns on. 

Observed behavior: 
Turning on the spotlight causes it to explode violently. 

Steps To Reproduce:
Load world
Create a platform
Place spotlight
Enter terminal (add another block if necessary to get there)
Turn on spotlight

It's especially important to emphasize attachments, like the SpaceEngineers.log, and any blueprints/worlds that can reproduce a problem.

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