customizing block shapes while in-game.

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Space Engineers love angles. We can't get enough armor blocks that let us do our extremely long yet angular builds that look like a stealth fighter or something off of star trek or star wars. And the Keen coders have to balance just how much computing power to dedicate to individual blocks and how much game optimization to slim down the game and make it run as smoothly as possible.

I introduce the concept of a customizable angle block as well as a moldable armor concept vs the current convention.

I Imagine something like a hinge where you can set the angle before you place it. When you do place it, it is just an armor block you weld up with no moving parts. This would allow you to make custom builds that change the angle and rotation of the block orientation on the same grid without any of the behind the scenes physics calculations and subgrid stability issues that come with anything else we have in-game that allows you to do the same thing.

This in-game fluid block manipulation could also be adapted to just strait blocks. Imagine if you had the in-game ability to customize the shape of the block before you placed it, so you could stretch the block as far as you wanted from 1x1x1 slope to a 5x4x2 curved surface with a divot in the center if you needed. We could have much more organic looking structures while still confirming to the voxel grid system.

Hell, even one step further would be basically an armor version of voxel hands in order to mold and shape a ship with much more freedom than sticking to the current convention of trying to make an individual 1x1x1 block for every shape under the sun. Imagine having a chassis with all your production, cargo and conveyors, then you place a layer of armor on top and you shape and mold the body frame to the desired look, taking thrusters, turrets and cockpits into consideration as well.

And windows, moldable glass block would be an awesome addition to this. Make a custom cockpit that fits the shape of the armor structure.

Just some thoughts. I hope you all like the idea.

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