Grid info list and joint controller

Joseph Dexter shared this feedback 2 months ago
Not Enough Votes

There should be a feature that allows you to add grids to a drop down menu order a grid on the info tab signifying subgrids and it auto detects subgrids in order to clean up the info tab as well as adding the drop down to the admin menus list to be able to view subgrids attached to a grid

Also there needs to be a programable controller that allows you to set up legged chassis and control them by setting up a runtime on the controller itself as if it was made by timer blocks and saveable and publishable to in order to load the runtimes to streamline mech chassis for smoother use

Also if possible make a ball joint that allows to have a rotor and hinge all in one still moving along the standard axis to reduce subgrids when making such things and adding pistons

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