We need a stability update!

Trippy Rabbit shared this feedback 13 months ago

I made a new world. Creative, around 15-20 small, insignificant mods. No enemies, random encounters, no cargo ships or even planets. View distance 7km for optimal performance.

As soon as I load in, I get performance issues, periodic freezes, CPU overload hitting 200% in an empty world!

I have an Xbox one X, so the mods I have are very small and have little to no impact on performance. I don't really play on the regular version but I tried it without mods with the same issue.

I've uninstalled, reset and reinstalled with the same issue persisting. It's almost unplayable now the amount of times it freezes.

Can you stop releasing new content for a bit please and focus of fixing the issues everyone is experiencing, and add the content players want.

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