Suggestion: Ai block like the custom turrets

Jelly24344 shared this feedback 2 months ago
Not Enough Votes

You know what would be cool. If you could have a custom AI. Block like the turret block. Like it would work somewhat the same as a turret block but can be used for drones. When you would open the blocks terminal you would see a section that asks for forward/backwards thrust, directional thrust, and up and down thrust. An option for what weapons it uses. Maybe a follow distance option for it to follow the friendly/enemy at. Maybe it could detect voxels and other grids nearby to try not to ram them, or have an option to ram enemy grids if designed to. It could probably use the players antenna to follow them. It could also work in conjunction with other ai blocks in the sense where if there are two separate ones, like two fighter drones, they will fly in a sort of formation without hitting or ramming or shooting each other when attacking or following the leader/player. Idk. I’m in no way a modder and I imagine there is already a script for it on pc. But just a thought for Xbox users lol.

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