Weapon Overhaul!

Bailey K. shared this feedback 3 months ago

Space engineers is a fantastic game, but PVP, I believe, can be taken a step further.

The addition of heavy weapons such as Railguns, Artillery, Mass Drivers, and some kind of energy shield for PVP that draws power from your ship’s power supply. This is what I’m thinking:

Mass Drivers/Railguns deal high damage to armor blocks, but cannot pass through shield while shield is powered.

Warhead Launcher fires a single warhead that detonates in contact with anything not built by the player that built the launcher. (Example: Ships and structures not built by player OR their allies)

Shield has a certain number of hit points before it “collapses”. Once shield is collapsed, a cooldown of 30 seconds initiates before the shield is restored.

And finally, we have the Beam Cannon. This fires a massive, directed energy laser at the Target. The laser deals heavy damage to shielding, but chews through armor blocks at a very slow rate.

All of these except the railgun and mass driver, which will use the new ammunition: Graviton Slugs, only require power to use. While these weapons are EXTREMELY powerful, their power consumption is unmatched. Engineers will have t develop a solution to such draining weapons.

But hey, that’s just my idea! Best of luck, Keen Software!