Suspension Parking

Gallomimia shared this feedback 2 years ago

It has become clear to me that wheeled vehicles and especially mobile bases, require some type of parking mode where the suspension becomes rigid and solid, even locked to the ground like a landing gear block. We have built a rather large mobile rover with a crane, onboard production, launch bay, even launched a rocket from its surface. There are very odd glitches, reports of lag when we log in, and its especially strange to see huge impact damage from jumping on the deck while falling all the way to the ground of 10-20m or more gives only minor injury. (The jetpack is nerfed for hardcore survival)

I suggest sidestepping the obvious Clang issue by allowing wheeled vehicles to anchor themselves to the ground and become stationary, thus allowing wind turbines to be used while parked, and giving more stability to use as a base.