Ownership Setting for ALL Terminal Blocks

Burstar shared this feedback 4 years ago

To prevent Trolling, add an ownership setting for all Terminal Blocks.

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While it's not a vanilla solution, I made a mod which does exactly that:



Unsatisfactory solution. This messes with what turrets aim at.

Thank you for the effort.

And for the vote.


While I understand your concern with turrets, I highly suggest you explain in detail what you want.

As it is your OP doesn't talk about turret aim at all, so Keen could easily do exactly as you ask, which is exactly what I did, and you would still not be satisfied.

Modifying how the turrets work is much more work than simply adding ownership to all blocks. So it's important to be clear on what your expected behavior would be. Keen aren't very good mind readers. ;-)


I presumed Keen knew when they had turrets target computers they chose which blocks had them for a reason.

I'm not a coder. I dont't know the layers of Keenery involved with turret targeting, computers, ownership and built by. I only know 3 things: 1) Trolls will f my stuff up if allowed to, 2) blocks without ownership setting allow them to, and 3) Turrets target computers. Actually I'm not even sure #3 is accurate.

I agree that KSH are not very good mind readers, but expecting me to rule out all possible things Keen could change when fixing this is just unreasonable. Expecting Keen to presume I'm asking for no other changes other than what was expressly described is. Particularly when they ask us to post one idea for one change.

All this is moot because apparently noone cares about trolls as long as air pressure is a supported feature.


Thanks to Bustar I found the same proposal that I did a while ago. I have almost 2000 hours on space engineers, but being new to the forum I do not know if my opionione is useful with regard to the idea that the keen does not fulfill the users' proposals.

That is, I think they give priority to bug fixes, before they can afford the luxury of fulfilling new implementations in a game to be fixed.

Regarding the topic, this idea is useful to prevent the trolls from tampering with our settings and I think it should be heard.

Sorry for my english made by google translator


Don't get mad at me because your post lacks any detail or forethought.

It just sounds like "I have bug, fix it!"

Keen has a history of doing what was asked for literally, not actually digging into the request and solving the root issue. Planets is one case.

Community said "we want planets," so Keen added planets. However Keen didn't dig deeper, and realize the reason we were asking for planets in the first place, which was more content, something to do. So now planets are nearly as boring as space still is.

Ownership provides many gameplay features. Even the developers might see your post and not realize you only want the anti-grief, not the other things that come with ownership.

I was providing constructive feedback to you on how to get your issue actually taken seriously be Keen, and possibly solved in a way that you would like. Instead you bite back at me like your issue is all important. Every issue is more important than any other issue to someone.

For the record, I do agree with your issue. A proper fix I would prefer is that thrusters inherit the owner of the overall grid owner(s).

Also, turrets target blocks with an IMyComponentOwner component, which every block actually can have, though only ones with computer have a valid one. Not an important detail, but just referencing your #3 item.


You're inferring some sort of ire here when I have used no language that expresses condescension or revulsion. Just because I disagree or have an issue with your proposal doesn't mean I'm angry. In fact I thanked you for the work you did do.

Where I am sarcastic is with your refusal to vote on the proposal. You want the idea to get taken seriously, that's the only way to even give it a shot. Everything else is white noise.


Hi guys, we are sorry but we dont plan this feature for SE1.

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