more Artificial intelligence for the space pirates.

Alex shared this feedback 12 months ago

Sorry if this is a duplicate, I couldn't find if it is or maybe just some parts are.

I am playing since the game came out years ago and have over 2000 hours play time and all dlc.

The one element missing in the vanilla game is a challenge aside of survival and self made goals. I know that there are mods enhancing the AI for the NPC but there should be something to get to, something to aim for in the basic game. Most players create their own goals in building stuff and getting to places.

But aside of that, maybe add a very distant pirate base which is very strong and the faction that conquer the base should be publicly declared as controler of the solar system or something like that.

Naturally you could make stages in terms of the normal pirate bases to find and conquer to get the coordinates of the main base, to avoid PCU use until somone is ready to get there.

The main pirate base may be variable in size depending on the max PCU of the server.

It would be something that needs unity between players and give a common enemy. Also each time someon is killed by the pirates you could publish taunting messages to all. like "Mike was just killed by the pirates and they laughed their asses off ".

The messages could be tailored to be aimed at factions or even players that die multiple times.

Maybe this is more a scenario that an base game setting. But in any case it's up to the player if he wants confrontation with pirates or other factions or a solo play. The goals could just be a bit more multiple.

Anyone, feel free to contact me on steam:. atlix1576

Thank you for this great game