Max Floating Objects

Marco Leise shared this feedback 2 years ago

From my understanding the system is a simple MRU (most recently used) list dropping the oldest items once the limit is reached. It would be great if there was some minimum protection in terms of time and or distance of floaters spawned by one player. By spawned I mean precisely: hand drilled, dropped from grinding, coming out of a block owned by that player (connector, destroyed cargo).

If I'm not mistaken (and I couldn't find the facts) everyone can max out the server limit with their activity and delete other players' ores. Ideally at least the maximum generated stones/ore by one use of any drill (4 to 6?) should be under extended protection so we have some guarantees when hand drilling or dropping something quickly to swap inventories.

I'd call that a hard quota of 5 (or whatever needed) floaters that never despawn on me if I stay within range and reasonable time after which they become unowned and lose their protection. If a player creates more floaters, the oldest ones would drop out of protection immediately.