Deep Space function to Hyperdrives

Arnold Flaska shared this feedback 3 months ago

I think the hyperdrive could have some preformance increasing features to them.

For example, you could have a "Warp Deep Space" function to them, which basicly stores the grid as a BP, and unloads them from the server. When you initiate that, the Ship creates a note for you, which contains a code. If you enter that code to a Satelite, it broadcast that code as a message to "deep space", and causes the ship what was stored in deep space to warp to the satelite. I know this creates some immunity against pvp, also, you can do that already manually with some hidden gps coordinates, and respawning, but this little tweak would incite people to unload grids easier, and with that increase the server preformance.

You could also store ships with the same code, so you can warp in fleets as needed. Maybe you could trigger pve events with them. For example you find a code, enter it to a satelite which warps in an event space station for exploration. Such as a space temple, a pirate base, or stuff like that.