Combat overhaul and some other changes

quikquestion shared this feedback 7 months ago

I've been playing Space Engineers for some time now and i have realised that combat in space engineers needs a huge overhaul. The current weapons in the game aren't bad but they can be better, im going to share a couple ideas that i think can change how combat feels. First thing would be to make cockpits more interactible and more immersive. The current cockpits feel empty even with the customizable lcd screens. There can be a system where you can press certain buttons inside a cockpit that can trigger certain actions that you can bind them to. The player can also press a button while inside a cockpit to zoom in and read otherwise unreadable stuff on cockpit lcds. Maybe an option to reflect cameras onto cockpit screens so you can use cameras while inside the cockpit view. Quality of life upgrades can also be made with first person animations inside cockpits. New weapons should be added into the game to add more variety. Small grid torpedo launchers can be added that track targets and flare launchers can be added to disturb them. Torpedoes shouldnt be very accurate and experienced players should be able dodge them. Maybe even a sound that indicates how close a locked torpedo is to your ship. Multiple small grid fixed cannons can be added which will add a variety of building options. New large grid turrets need to be added that are more long range and deal more damage. A scanner block can be added which can display a 3d map on lcd screens or console blocks that shows enemy and friendly ships/signals. Im sure the developers can also come up with other combat related ideas of their own. The trade stations should be redesigned becouse the only use for them now is to get safe zone chips. Contracts dont pay that much and arent very usefull. Players should be able to sell their own and should be able to place bounties on other people. Player interaction should play a bigger role in multiplayer becouse as of right now most of the time you get to meet another player is when you are in combat. There were a lot of other things i would like to talk about but i dont remember any of them right now so sadly this will have to be it for now. This is all my personal oppinion but i belive this can bring a better experience to people who play spac engineers. I hope someone will read this feedback....