A Idea to Unload/Mobile Grid Storage Container for a Local Dynamic PCU limit

Maddious shared this feedback 2 years ago

First off, I love this game, an have been playing it again now that its on the xbox. It's quite an accomplishment to make it run on original Xbox one, the way it does.

Still with the low global PCU limits, especially with multiplayer enabled is limiting me way to much to really be creative.

Yes I am aware that a experimental mode will be added soon that will doubles the PCU limits. But that's still not enough, to just play the game for long-time is on one game save. I've come up with some ideas to further optimize resource limitations with Xbox version.

1. To use view distance, to unload entire static & mobile grids if you is far enough away based on view distance. Once you get back to the location it loads back in an then if the PCU upper limit is reached it will unload the furthest grids from current character location. This is more for private star-system with only few players, for dedicated servers I have another idea but as a general option is not bad to unload grids that are not used if there far away so they don't count towards PCU. This way you can just move around a planet and build a ship far enough from the other ships without breaking the entire game. Something that I'm pretty good at, when it comes to building games.

2. Another idea is to create "PCU Quantum Storage Containers", for lack of a better term. The general idea here is that any mobile grids like a ships or rovers can be stored away while not used de-materializing and materializing your creations when needed, at the cost of power similarly to jump drive. We already have a blueprint system in-game, why not take it to the next level for survival games make a way to store ships/rovers into containers to compressing them down to low PCU level, thereby compressing and freeing up PCU space. You can either make it one storage type container that is capable to de-materializing an materialize any mobile grid it's attached to. Or you can make separate blocks for the container de-materialize or in the materialize or with connection points for the conveyor to de-constructor/constructor block.

For PvP content you can think of hacking the storage container, or giving the storage container durability comparable to certain percentage of mobile grid overall HP that stored in it.

You can make variance like a small quantum storage container a medium and large one and give them PCU limits for storage instead of weight or volume. However the main point is to remove assets that are not used regularly and store them in such a way that they are not using up resources for survival games.

The general idea, I have is to how optimize the resources that are actually needed in locations where needed at. And off-course give people in survival the option to store their creations that they made but maybe are no longer using that much.

In the meantime they can be compressed down, to an a game object that uses in tiny tiny fraction of PCU limit compares to what is stored in it, with maybe an extra option like idle timer to automatically compress mobile grid into in attached storage quantum container.

Admittedly I do not fully understand the game engine that keenswh has created.

But if possible it will be nice to not only the host but also the client can share some of the load that way you can work with local PCU upper limits based on view distance per player instead of game/dedicated server wide.

Of course I'm not sure if this game will be supported with Xbox Series X/S?

But I would imagine that most of the limits by that time could be turned off as option at least for locally hosted on the Xbox Series it self.

I also see that dedicated servers are on the way, if this is with an application similar to the steam app but instead of logging into steam you log into your Microsoft account.

Hopefully with scripts & mods and all the lovely stuff in the future. For that I will create a pc system to host a dedicated servers. And possibly with cross play as a option.

I don't see that as a big problem especially that in the beginning I saw dedicated servers that were clearly(16-32 players) from the PC side popping up in the join game section on the Xbox version.

There are lots of possibilities, to improve this game.

But one of the problems right now is some of the limitations in order to make the game playable for everyone. That's why propose this general idea to reduce PCU Usage without limiting your creativity.

If you like this general idea give a vote.

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