A general Direction regarding future updates composition

Shih-Sung Chen shared this feedback 2 months ago

Hi, this topic I like to bring up is not about particular blocks/gameplay implementation, but rather composition of general future update content suggestions.

To start off, I like to appreciate Space engineers and Keen for making such wonderful games allowing creativity in designing our favorite ships, and sail towards the infinite universe. Then, regarding currently update methods, the major updates in DLC forms, I personally have no problem with it. I understand that to maintain such a game and bringing in a new feature requires funds, and DLC is open with what contents it's selling and mainly cosmetic that doesn't destroy balance/bring "pay to win" idea into the game, plus, DLC usually is about 1-2 cup of coffee cost, which is a small amount I pay once in a while to improve my toolbox with extra fancy blocks to build with. To that, I'm grateful for the decision-making in the company.

Now, regarding the update direction, I do have some suggestions, and I hope to not only express my personal opinions but also open a discussion, which hopefully catches the developer's attention.

Currently, we see most updates usually contain adding new blocks/updating old blocks/more fancy types of old blocks, along with modder tools/scenarios. I have no problem with all the previous ones but the last part. To me Scenario is fun, but I rarely touche it as most of my time is spent in developing new ships/weapons/solving problems during survival. As updates drop,, it mostly affects me on how I utilize them in the survival/creative, therefore DLC as cheap as it is, usually loses about 30-40% value since I don't get into the scenario.

Therefore, I suggest a shift in direction of future updates, focusing on adding new/quality of life blocks or game play elements over spending time on the level design of a new scenrio. I'm sure once in a while scenario is welcome, but I personally like to see more general gameplay elements been added to each update rather than another story that a lot of us may or may not touch.

I'm grateful for all the effort the teams have put in, and the talented level designer went through to create a story. However, to me, this is my adventure, and I rather explore freely rather than be locked up in the particular story.

Perhaps a scenario can come in the form of randomly spawned within the world? I know lots of mods have already done this, but it's gonna be epic if we see these randomly spawned area contains rich background rather than just another stop to grind and get resources.