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Reduction of PCU in the DLC's pieces

Luis Galindo Borg shared this feedback 16 months ago
Not Enough Votes

What I will say next is something that many think, but do not dare to say. For cosmetic packages, DLC, you have to buy them, with real money, and with this you make your creations look better, of course the cost of materials and components is high in some parts, which is completely justifiable. What I still don't understand is who came up with the clever and brilliant idea of ​​adding an extra PCU cost to the DLC'S pieces, and worse, when you're playing, on an official server, with the measly amount of 20000 PCU, that is, you have to think about whether to use the purchased parts, or the default ones, so said purchase is useless, it is not worth it. If it were a local server, a single person, there are no limits, but on an official server, already restrictive and now more limited, it is illogical. There are only two options here, either they lower the price of the aforementioned parts to match their standard counterpart, or they double the amount of PCU on official servers. Thanks.

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