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Me and my friends have some ideas for new items that could make the game even better.

Spudtato Games shared this feedback 18 months ago
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First off, I'd like to say we all absolutely love the game, and are really looking forward to the grid ai update, but we have a few ideas for items that would be awesome if they were added in that update or another one after it. The first idea is for a new engineer weapon that could be added, that being a sniper rifle, the base one being a slow firing powerful shot, that can pierce through a few small light blocks. And then two variant versions of the sniper rifle, one being an explosive shot one that's ammo would probably be a little less expensive to make as missiles, in survival, and the shot doing something along the lines of destroying five small light blocks, the one it hits and one in each direction away from it, and possibly damaging the blocks in the corners of this addition sign shape. The other variant being a fast firing sniper, like the fast firing variants for the pistol and rifle, that acts more like a dmr, having a magazine of something like ten to fifteen, and taking two or three shots to destroy one small light armour block, but obviously having a faster firing rate than the other two variants. The base and explosive snipers would probably be bolt action with a magazine of like three or five, or would just have a single shot in its magazine before having to reload. Another weapon that could be great would be some kind of shotgun, that would do decently against ships if you managed to board them, but it's really good against other engineers at close range. The third and final idea isn't for a weapon, but a block, that being some kind of heat resistant armour block or something, that you can place behind a thruster and it wouldn't take damage, even with thruster damage enabled. Again, we already love the game, and we would just like it all the more if you thought about adding one of more of these items.

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