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"Welcome Station"

Saxmo shared this feedback 7 months ago
Not Enough Votes

I have seen a lot of players rage quit the game because they join a multiplayer server and don't know any of the basics. Yes going threw the tutorials, joining a faction, or watching YouTube videos can help, but I'm thinking we should have a community "Welcome Station" on the keen servers. Preferably on the moon's surface since the spawn pod is a rover and it is easy to get to, or perhaps have it on earthlike, or even have one on each of the planets. So players don't spawn randomly near NPC Trade stations, instead they all spawn centrally at the welcome station for that planet and have the spawn pods drop within walking distance of the welcome station.

At the station have all the stuff of a trade station, as well as community available refineries, cryo pods, medical room, advanced assemblers and LCD screens giving some helpful tips and tricks of how to succeed in survival.

Perhaps have this feed into the lore and backstory of the game, this would be the "exploration outpost" starting point for new engineers to branch out from.

I would even go as far as to say that players could join this prebuilt NPC faction and have that faction be their home, unless they decide to "quit" and join another faction or make their own.

Having his centrally located spawn point would help build community and have players not spawn out in the middle of virtual no-where (but still have that be an option if they want to explore away from the hub.

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