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Make there be a reason to buy ships from stations.

Saxmo shared this feedback 18 months ago
Not Enough Votes

I like how safe zones and the engineer plushies require a non-craftable item from the store to finish their construction and/or use. Perhaps adding something to economy purchasable ships that can't be printed using a projector and welder would be nice. Yes DLC blocks that are not available to the player are an idea. But I'm thinking more like some kind of premium blocks that are only available threw the economy, maybe even dynamic to specific ship manufacturers. Some kind of incentive to buy the economy ships. Maybe make capital ship 10x10x10 engines and gyroscopes something you can only buy from a dedicated warship manufacturer instead of something you craft. Maybe higher capacity or faster firing turrets, or a ship that has an AI speed block that decreases turret ai target acquisition time or increases accuracy. Maybe faster accelerating thrusters or higher tier ship tools

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