Signal update. Game crashing on loading into server

Matthew Price shared this bug 2 months ago
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Playstation 5 crashing the app. The server I play on is called Au/nz gaming servers. So the issue is that when I go to play on the server the moment I click on it it shuts it down. It's not a nitrado server as they all work fine with similar mods n mes n so on, the server I play on is gtx and for some reason it won't work even after the hot fix. I can't upload a video as when I record it starts but when the game crashes it some how deletes the recording. This is the same with another playstation member on this server, everyone else is xbox x. Before the hotfix we removed all the mods and it still didn't fix anything

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Hello, Engineer.

Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues. Could you please tell us if the issue is still present for you?

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