Server host has left the game

Steve Kastler shared this bug 3 months ago
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So i try to log in to my buddies nitrado server and i get the "server host has left the game" the original fix was to cut away the cryo pod i occupied then kill the inactive character and it would let me join again. Recently i thought i could skip this ordeal by logging out and letting my character die and respawn when i try to log on but now i cant log in at all

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Hello, Engineer!

Could you please send us a log when this happens? In the Main Menu press Y and scroll down to Send Report, fill out your email and then please reply in this thread with the email and time when report was submitted.

Any additional information about the issue would also help.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Unsure why this is happening, I've been unable to log into eos us server 2 for two days now. All I get is the Joining world load circle and after waiting all it says is "the server host has left the game". Kind of frustrating considering this is not the first time I've encountered this bug....