CrazyMiner848 shared this bug 4 months ago
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MEMORY AND FREEZING. In any world it eventually Freezes for apparently "Running out of memory when i save" For no reason My Blueprint cloud usage is low, all the worlds are really empty, Only 1-3/4 grids really small. And even in a empty new world it still is "Running out of memory" Please help me with this issue because it will not stop. I've done a reinstall and it did nothing. And btw i'm on Beta.


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Or it could just be my retarded Xbox who fucking knows



I am sorry to hear that. In this case I would probably recommend to try to clear console's cache.

1) Turn off the console by holding On/Off button for about 5 seconds until it shuts down

2) Unplug power cord from the console for 2 minutes

3) Plug the console back in and turn it on using the On/Off button.

If this won't help, could you send us game logs?

To send logs, you can follow those steps:

  1. Press Y on gamepad or F1 on keyboard in the Main Menu or Pause Menu to open Help screen
  2. Open section Report issue
  3. Fill up email address (required) and description (optional)
  4. Press ‘Send report’ to send it
  5. Update this thread with details filled in the report for us to be able to identify it

Thank you!

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I have almost same issue was playing last night when all sudden game crashed and wont load up say memory low